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From household liquidations to efficient de-cluttering, our service in Oberursel is a one-stop shop. Experience a smooth process with our expertise. We clear the way, fast and broom clean!


Budget resolution

Unsere Methode: Haushaltsauflösung und Reinigung mit Ordnung und System

In Oberursel we stand for professional household clearance. Every job is unique and is planned and executed with care. We take care of everything from quick household liquidation to estate management, so you can sit back and relax.

We focus on quality, discretion and a secured service. Professional disposal and broom-clean handover are our trademarks. Whether estate liquidation or household organization, we stand for reliability and efficiency.

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Clearing out

Entrümpelung mit System – Ihre Lösung für Keller-, Dachboden- und Wohnungsentleerung in Oberursel

Our professional de-cluttering in Oberursel offers you a fast and efficient service. From basement clearing to bulky waste disposal, we do it all with precision and dedication, always with a swept clean finish.

Performance with quality, Discreet handling, Assured service and Professional disposal - that's our decluttering in Oberursel. Let us help you create space and order in your home with a reliable decluttering service tailored to your needs.

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Your partner for professional clearing out - service, quality and discretion in one

Performance and quality

Our service is characterized by high quality and professional execution. We place great emphasis on care, precision and efficiency to always provide you with the best possible result. Whether it's a basement, an attic or an entire property, we clear out thoroughly and leave nothing but satisfaction.

Copy of Discrete Processing:

We understand that decluttering is often a sensitive matter. Therefore, we ensure absolute discretion throughout the entire process. Our employees act respectfully and considerately and ensure that your request is treated confidentially.

Professional disposal

We not only provide a thorough de-cluttering, but also a correct and environmentally friendly disposal of the waste. Our team knows the legal requirements and regulations and always acts in accordance with them.

Broom clean handover

Our job is not done until we have left your premises in a swept clean condition. This means we not only remove debris and waste, but also thoroughly clean the affected areas. This way you can use the newly gained space immediately.

Secured service

Our service is fully insured, providing you with additional security. We work to the highest standards and always strive to minimize risks. With us, you and your property are in safe hands.

Master your household clearance with Besenrein Taunus

Ordnung, Sorgfalt und Struktur in Ihrem Prozess

Trust Besenrein Taunus - your partner for household clearance and de-cluttering.